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In PCB substrate material problem in the process of manufacturing

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 Normally, for PCB laminate quality change of material, was used by manufacturers of different batch of raw material or using different pressing load produced products. Few users can hold a lot of enough records, he was able to distinguish between certain pressing load in processing areas or material batch.

Hence this often happen: PCB are constantly produced and installed components, and continuously produce warping in the solder groove, which waste a lot of labor and expensive components. If charging batch number can be found immediately, PCB laminate maker to check the batch number, batch number of copper foil, the resin curing cycle, etc. In other words, if a user is unable to provide continuity and quality control of PCB laminate maker system, so will the user itself suffered for a long time. Here is in the process of PCB manufacturing, general issues related to the substrate material.

Surface of the problem

Signs: printed adhesive, coating adhesion is poor, poor parts cannot be etched away, and some parts can't soldering.

Can be used in the inspection method: usually used in plate surface can see the water marks for visual check

Possible reason: because the release film caused very dense and smooth surface, which did not overly bright copper clad surface.

Usually in not copper clad laminate, the laminate maker did not remove the release agent, the pinhole on the copper foil and resin flow, and accumulated on the surface of copper foil, which usually appear in more than 3/4 ounce weight specifications thin copper foil.

Copper foil manufacturers put excessive antioxidants coated on the surface of copper foil, thin laminate maker to change the resin system, stripping, or scrubbing method, due to improper operation, there are a lot of fingerprints or oil dirties, under salt system, material or with oil drilling operation.

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