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Shenzhen PCB manufacturer wiring requirements

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In order to reduce the high frequency signal crosstalk, when wiring requirements as much as possible, do the following:

(1) under the condition of the wiring space allows, in severe crosstalk between two lines into a ground or ground plane, can have the effect of isolation and reducing crosstalk;

(2) when the space around the line itself there are time-varying electromagnetic field, if cannot avoid parallel distribution, can be on the opposite side of the parallel line layout area "to" to substantially reduce interference;

(3) on the premise of wiring space permits, increase the amount of space between adjacent signal lines, reduce the signal lines parallel to the length, the clock line and key signal line vertically instead of horizontally as far as possible;

(4) if the parallel walk within the same layer of the almost inevitable, in two adjacent layers, go line perpendicular direction must for;

(5) in the digital circuit, usually the clock signals are edge change fast, foreign crosstalk. So in the design, the clock line should be surrounded by land line up and get more ground hole to reduce the distributed capacitance, and thus to minimize crosstalk;

(6) to high frequency clock signal using low voltage difference as far as possible the clock signal and package way, need to pay attention to the package to the integrity of punch;

(7) input don't hung up sit idle, but the ground or to connect power (power is in the high frequency signal loop), because the dangling line may be equivalent to the transmitting antenna, the earth can inhibit the launch. Practice has proved that in this way to eliminate crosstalk can sometimes take effect immediately.

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